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Colbert '08

My hero.
Watch all three.

Looks like youtube has pulled the vids due to "copyright infringement", but crooks and liars still has some links to videos of the event.

Check out this post about the controversy on Boingboing.

Looks like C-SPAN has officially posted the videos to Google video.

Where in the world are Chad and Trish?

I made this quick little video with Google Earth and Moviemaker.
Now I just need to Trish and Chad to go on a high speed chase while I follow them by satellite. Call me Tony Scott.

Experimental Video

Watch the Video

I just posted this clip to
I've been wandering around the net, trying out different video services.
I'll try to post a review of the best/worst in the near future.

Here's a link to the youtube post of this vid for comparison.
The resolution isn't as nice, but I'm wondering if the flash format makes it a bit more accessible. Any thoughts from my Mac/Linux/TRS-80 running BSD friends?