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this makes me tingly

A homebrew, psp ready, CC licensed, ready for mashup, cyberpunk graphic novel...
What's not to love?

my new addiction

Not to turn this blog into a shameless plug zone (that doesn't sound quite right...), but I have to declare my love for
It's like crack for video junkies.

why devote so much space to everybody else's work?

I know.
No excuses.
I'm working on posting more of my work.
Coming very soon.
Till then, I'll post some of my inspiration.



Tomas: The Lab Monkey: Endogenous Video Feedback

I won't pretend I understand the science behind this.

But I do dig feedback as art. I'm volunteer teaching filmmaking at the local Boys and Girls Club and I demonstrated this. We were all oohing and aahing like Australopithecines gazing into the monolith.
Image from this site


Jenny Lewis and the Rabbit Fur Coat

Where did she come from?
She's like this beautiful bizarro Doris Day.
Here's her bio.

This song just burrows into your head and makes a nest.
These lyrics...
I was of poor folk
But my mother had a rabbit fur coat
And a girl of less character pushed her down the L.A. River
""Hand over that rabbit fur coat""

She put a knife to her throat
""Hand over that rabbit fur coat""
When my ma refused, the girl kicked dirt on her blouse
""Stay away from my mansion house""

I don't do them justice.


keep the machines in line

Yeah, sometimes computers make me feel like that too...