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Interweb - Lint trap of the 21st century

Should we start prepping ourselves for fuzzy culture?
Bruce Sterling featured David Armano's presentation in his blog.
Dig it.

Not sure how much of a send up this is on Chris Anderson's Long Tail theory, but it fits in so well to the way that I've been thinking about indie media production and my extremely fuzzy role in that process.

Like a lot of people who get into media production, I had this very well defined idea of what I was going to be.
"I'm going to be a film director."
Nice little well defined box that I could carry all my dreams/ambitions in to show off to my family and friends.

Which would be fine if I wanted to interface with the old system.

But as you stroll further down the tail to the fuzzier (and much more interesting) end, you find that the box melts in your hands, and all your preconceived notions of what you will be starts mixing with all these niche roles.

Suddenly you realize that if you want to produce media (films/books/music/games/etc.) in a completely new way, you are going to have to become a walking profession cloud.
Writer, director, producer, photographer, web designer, marketer...

I have the feeling that my business card will be one giant blur.