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I love me some youtube. Lord knows I do.
Let's break down the debate going on in my head.
Content aside, the interface for uploading is dirt simple and fast.
Straight forward interface and audience numbers seem to be huge and growing by the second.
But their design is way too clunky and old school.
And the quality is so so.

On the other hand there is
Nice clean design. Lots of groovy options for CC licensing, and better creative control of my content.
It posts immediately in the format that I uploaded. QT produces a QT popup and WMV produces a WMV popup. A popup! Have I mentioned how much I hate popups? And what if the average viewer is having OS issues with the alternate OS media format. Flash may not give me the best quality, but it seems to be a play anywhere kind of solution. And it takes forever to post a flash version. I may be way out of touch on this one, but I'd much rather take the hit in quality and reach a larger audience than get in the middle of some media player format war.
I know I'm missing quite a few points, but these are the ones that immediately jump out at me.

What do you guys think?
Anybody have any thoughts?