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What the hell is a vidku?

I've decided to make Fridays my video theme day.
This Friday is going to be video haiku day.
Video because... because it's on video.
Haiku because it's a short... kinda poetic...
Just trust me.
It's a video haiku.
17 seconds = 17 syllables
That's about as close as I could come this week.
I'll be a bit more strict about the rules in the future.
Feel free to submit your own vidkus.
I'll post the best.

fire pretty!

(via boingboing)

It's like a jungle sometimes... makes me wonder how I keep from going under.
It's time for old school hip hop video Thursday.

Let's get in the time machine.
Set the dial to 1983.
I'm sitting in my mom's car listening to a best of Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five tape I just bought at Jamesway.
Playing The Message and Survival over and over and over...
Like Biggie said-
I let my tape rock '’til my tape popped.

For a 13 year old white kid from rural PA, this was like a bomb going off in my brain.
Wannabe? Sure, I'll own up to that title.
And I so wanted to be.
Anything but what I was.
What kid doesn't want to be someone else for a bit?
A trip on the wheels of steel helped me see the world in a different way.
Thanks Flash.