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Colbert '08

My hero.
Watch all three.

Looks like youtube has pulled the vids due to "copyright infringement", but crooks and liars still has some links to videos of the event.

Check out this post about the controversy on Boingboing.

Looks like C-SPAN has officially posted the videos to Google video.


TT Boy said...

Who invited Colbert? WOW. Amazing. There is one republican PR guy without a job.

Jason, his show is the best thing on TV, and the fact that he did all this with Bush like 20 feet from him is brilliant. You've got to get your hands on some episodes.

crawdaddy said...

I've been scanning youtube and comedycentral for his vids.
I never really went for political comedy before Stewart and Colbert.
Very very very underrated comedian.
Cojones of steel.
I bow before his might.

TT Boy said...

Every night he says something that makes me laugh my ass off and then I think about the people who really feel the way he portrays himself on the show. And then I cry.

Can't wait for the Strangers with Candy movie.

TT Boy said...

I love when he has David Cross on as this extremely left radio host and they debate current talking points. Hilarious.

also, if you have the extra dough (ha ha...ooooohhh, extra money with gas 3 bucks a gallon is a laugher), but if you want to treat yourself. They have full episodes on iTunes. 16 for 9.99. I'm not sure if how the muti-pass works and what episodes you can pick. Apple Bastards.