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A little UAV lite taking you up to news hour...

I'm going to start collecting defense contractor videos. Dig that music. I picture some Israeli humming this little ditty while he's hunting down targets. Angel of death elevator music.


That Hawking's such an A-hole...

Colbert nails Stephen Hawking.
Score another one for the gut!

Homeland security

Okay, my man is laying it all out for the Charlotte city council. No ice in the arena, somebody with their hand in the pie, and now a rogue helicopter pilot flying between the magnolia tree (you know the one) and his property line. Looks like they're gonna just sit on their hands again. Well I urge my audience to help my friend out and call John Walsh and urge him to issue a America's most wanted alert.
Is George Shinn a chameleon lemon headed coward terrorist pussy? Maybe... maybe.


Let's open those neural floodgates

Just watched David Cronenberg's Videodrome for the first time.
It's not like I wasn't aware of this film before today. I had seen clips and read some brief descriptions of the plot. But nothing can prepare you for that kind of biomech hallucinatory horror. Amazing. I can't even imagine what that would have done to my 13 year old brain.
I love the original trailer for the film. Like something programmed by some Euro demo coders circa 1983. Beautiful. Looks like Criterion has released a great version with lots of neat goodies.
I had just watched A History of Violence, which was pretty underwhelming. This movie reminded me of the director that I know and love.
Long live the new flesh.


Mount Merapi

Threat levels are raised to their highest levels as approximately 1000 villagers flee from the volcano after an eruption. Let's hope that area will be spared another horrific natural disaster
I'm keeping one eye on the news and another on Chad's blog.

Wheels of steel

Browsing through Robotwisdom and I came upon this amazing video link of four turntablists named Birdy Nam Nam from Paris. Great to see people taking this artform in completely different directions. The scratching that came from the early days of hip hop, pushed by pioneers such as DJ Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash, and Grand Wizard Theodore, has blossomed into this artform all its own.


Wherefore art thou Daydreamthief?

Sorry for the absence.
Took a bit of a break to recharge my batteries and reseat my logic cards.
Helping out with the Mount Merapi blog took more out of me than I thought.
It was kind of hard switching modes. The Merapi blog was a much more serious endeavor, and it didn't feel quite right bouncing back to my blog and blathering about movies, media, and me. Not that I don't think that the light and the weird have their places, it's just that I'd like to separate that stuff with some respectful distance. Events are still very bad in that part of the world. If you feel like helping out, please do.
As for me, I'm gonna get back up on my pony and ride off in the other direction. See what the digital prospectors have turned up on the other side of those hills yonder.

(Emperor Norton via Wikipedia)