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workin' my photoshop chops

Running through the tuts at this page.
Still a WIP, but not too bad.
Who doesn't love an evil eye?


Home Sweet Home

This song has been lodged in my brain all week.
I'd be biking home from class or playing with my kids in the park and it's on this constant loop in my skull.
and over
and over
and over...
I guess the lesson is that you can't run from your mullet hair pseudo head banger past.
Make peace with it, and then annoy your friends and family.
Shout at the devil!


What do electric sheep dream of?


Just listened to a great BBC story about PKD.
Boing Boing link
Amazing story.
Doodling while I listened and came up with this...


dipping a toe in the blogosphere

Trying out the free services to see which one suits me. In this corner Blogger! In the opposite corner Livejournal! Let's get it on!