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Where in the world are Chad and Trish?

I made this quick little video with Google Earth and Moviemaker.
Now I just need to Trish and Chad to go on a high speed chase while I follow them by satellite. Call me Tony Scott.


ndesanjo said...

This is great. Next time we meet lets talk about this video.

kopisusu2 said...

You rule. I can't watch this properly because I'm on my stinky work connection. I'll have to check it out in Singapore tomorrow.

Heres' the plan: We'll steal a bajaj, because they're bright orange. Yes, it's basically a pudgy three-wheeled box with a lawn-mower engine, but we'll get that thing up to 80 miles an hour even if it means getting out and pushing it while on inline skates. We'll superglue several brightly-colored tubes of lychee toothpaste to the top so you'll know it's us. Jakarta Toll Road, here we come!

kopisusu2 said...

Just watched. So cool. It's fun to pause it and try to figure out the different local landmarks. I'll have to link to this from my site.

And we really should put a big day-glo painting of some kind on the roof ...

Great job!