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8bit goodness I'm diggin'...

Tasty retro themed 8bit vizcandy featured on the brilliant Tokyo Mango.
My favorite line in the description -
"It will knock over your existing
image toward a music video by a beautiful trajectory."

I love the beautiful trajectory of that Engrish phrase!


Like sands through the hourglass...

Eye candy isn't the only thing I'm about.
I really enjoyed this lecture given by the astrophysicist Martin Rees at the TED conference in 2005.
Makes you wonder if we can turn this boat around before we go over the cosmic falls.


Rainy day claymation zombie goodness

There's something about well done claymation that makes me feel all squiggly inside.
Like comfort food for the brain.
Especially when I'm trapped in the house with my family, trying not to get smooshed by God's giant spitwad.
It really taps into my memory of being snow bound in rural PA, with only a Rankin and Bass reindeer to entertain me.
But in this case you have to replace an even-toed arctic ungulate with flesh eating zombies.

Bob bless us, every one!


Family Media Archive Project Part 2

Some more of my grandad's stories.
See previous post for background and disclaimers.

Original files hosted at under a Creative Commons license

This episode:
-Feet in the path
-Dugout canoe
-Career in sailing

Family Media Archive Project

I lost my grandfather last year and I wanted to find some way to remember him.
I'm in the process digitizing some of his stories and posting them to ourmedia/
Eventually I'd like to clean these up and turn them into a multimedia project.
As I upload I'll post links to audio streams here.

Audio quality and PCness may sometimes be questionable so be warned.
This is the raw and unedited remembrance of a man who lived an amazing life.
'Nuff said.

Original files hosted at under a Creative Commons license

In this episode:
-The Tale of the Great Cabbage Wreck
-Grandad hops a train


My tribute to the lolcats...

The only way to fight the meme is to embrace the meme.

Graphic goofiness by daydreamthief

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.