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What the hell is a vidku?

I've decided to make Fridays my video theme day.
This Friday is going to be video haiku day.
Video because... because it's on video.
Haiku because it's a short... kinda poetic...
Just trust me.
It's a video haiku.
17 seconds = 17 syllables
That's about as close as I could come this week.
I'll be a bit more strict about the rules in the future.
Feel free to submit your own vidkus.
I'll post the best.


TT Boy said...

Runtime for this is 16 secs. You're a rule breaker and a heart breaker.

crawdaddy said...

That's why I never win the local coffeehouse Def Poetry Jammatoriums.
I'm too much of an "artiste" to read the rule book.
I spit on your linguistic structure. Pah!!
That and I insist on brewing up a steaming pot of my special civet coffee. Yummy.
Wild cat.
With just a hint of Sars.

ndesanjo said...

you did this, right? We need to find time to talk about...yes, technology.

crawdaddy said...

Thanks for the comments/complements.
This was a pretty fast and grubby little movie.
Did this with my digitial still camera ( I can record little movies too )
The picture quality isn't the greatest, but I like it.
I have to come up with something for this Friday.
Any ideas?

This has been the worst semester for free time.
Sorry we haven't had any time to talk tech/life.
We'll have to make some time soon.