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Let's open those neural floodgates

Just watched David Cronenberg's Videodrome for the first time.
It's not like I wasn't aware of this film before today. I had seen clips and read some brief descriptions of the plot. But nothing can prepare you for that kind of biomech hallucinatory horror. Amazing. I can't even imagine what that would have done to my 13 year old brain.
I love the original trailer for the film. Like something programmed by some Euro demo coders circa 1983. Beautiful. Looks like Criterion has released a great version with lots of neat goodies.
I had just watched A History of Violence, which was pretty underwhelming. This movie reminded me of the director that I know and love.
Long live the new flesh.

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TT Boy said...

AH HA! Now I know what I will do with my evening. Wonder if they have it at the library?