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Homeland security

Okay, my man is laying it all out for the Charlotte city council. No ice in the arena, somebody with their hand in the pie, and now a rogue helicopter pilot flying between the magnolia tree (you know the one) and his property line. Looks like they're gonna just sit on their hands again. Well I urge my audience to help my friend out and call John Walsh and urge him to issue a America's most wanted alert.
Is George Shinn a chameleon lemon headed coward terrorist pussy? Maybe... maybe.


TT Boy said...

I love you, Jason Sylvis.

crawdaddy said...

I love you too, Anthony Edwards.
Now go start your blog!
I can't do this all by myself.

TT Boy said...

But how do I overcome my laziness?

crawdaddy said...

What you talkin' bout Willis?
You are talking to the laziest man on Mars. I should rename this blog "Droppo's World". If I can do it, so can you.
You know what I miss?
Getting a mixtape from you in the mail with some crazed longhand scrawl about your loves, obsessions, pop culture tinged sermons, etc.
You wanna get me the best gift for xmas? Make me a post millenial mixtape and send it to me care of this giant robot brain. You've got the net skills. You can slice and dice the hard and the soft better than anybody. Mix good design with classic Tony shtick. Tell me how Joker's Wild started you on your road to ruin. Whatever.
Just give me one thing a week.
Make it short and sweet.
Think of me as your audience.
That's what I do.
Almost every day I have bizarre thought or experience that makes me want to share it with you (and Kent, Aaron, Chad...)
Hop to it!
I'm Audi.

Anonymous said...

you guys are threat level orange gay