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Why does this remind me of Bellona in Dhalgren?
The idea that there is this ghost city in the Ukraine still glowing with poison from Chernobyl is strangely attractive in some way.
I have the bizarre desire to put on a heavy duty hazmat suit and play in the ruins of this man-made Pompeii.


TT Boy said...

Did you see the photos that were recently up on BoingBoing? Sad and breathtaking.

crawdaddy said...

Yeah, those were horrifying.
The downside to the apocalypse.
100 times more radiation released than by the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki??
The Soviet Union is this giant black hole that sucks all of these horrific tragedies deep into itself. What does that do your collective psyche?

TT Boy said...

If comic books were gospel, then Russia would be filled with Superheroes.