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c -walk?

So I'm paddling through the electro surf on youtube, and I do a search for Outkast which leads me to this kid doing the crip walk in his living room which leads me to this wikipedia entry which leads me back to youtube to a whole bunch of crip walk media ( as well as blood walking ). Then I google "crip blog" and I come across this site which leads me to the postings of this girl from Indy. Her posts are this chaotic blend of gang lingo mixed with netspeak. On February 9th she posts that she thinks she's pregnant. Suddenly we see this scared teenager drop the gang girl pose. She's absent for a few months, and then posts that it was a false alarm, and the tough girl is back.

So where am I going with this?
I'm not sure.

There are a million different stories that I could follow from just this tangential journey.
-What is a gang??
-Gang subcultures and rituals
-The growth of independent viral gang media
-The connection of gangs and hip hop
-How do police, parents, teachers, etc. define a gang?
-How do they define themselves?
-What about wannabe culture?
-If you post on a site devoted to promoting gang culture, make videos of yourself crip walkin', take pictures of yourself in gang colors, does that make you a gang member?

on and on and on...

Good source for a movie.
Now I just need to find a filmmaker...
Hold on a second.
What am I saying?
Gotta go.

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dara said...

truly amazing time we're living in. how we're so connected now. hyperlinks are the gateways to the neverending world of stories.