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What the hell am I doing??
I need to update my lame excuses book.
-No time
-No money
-No camera
-No talent
-Bad parents
-Planets out of alignment
There, everything's covered.
Now I can get back to sitting around in my underwear, searching Youtube for girls gone wild videos, eating fried egg sandwiches, and draining any scrap of creativity I have left.


dl said...

at least you've got a plan...

kopisusu2 said...

Hard yolk or runny yolk? ketchup or no ketchup?

--Trish (semi-runny, ketchup)

crawdaddy said...

Just a touch of dippy, so the yolk mixes with the cheese.
And While I love ketchup, I prefer a thin layer of Miracle Whip spread on my toast.
Feels really wrong to be celebrating fried avian gamete samblitches with all of Chad's freaked out info on bird flu, but this is one hard monkey to shake.
Gotta go.
Eggs burning!

kopisusu2 said...

Mmmm, that sounds good, next time we see you guys you'll have to make me one.

If eating chicken or eggs could give you bird flu, all of Indonesia would have it by now. This is one chicken-loving country. Even the guy who almost died of bird flu still eats it. The best kind is fried at least once, and steeped in some kind of coconut-milk marinade beforehand to add a little extra fat ... yum.