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So if it's such a great idea...

...why don't you do it yourself?
I will.
I'll put up a Paypal donate button on the sidebar.
As an independent multimedian, I would love to make some sort of living from this.
Cable modem, laptop, software, cameras, mini dv tapes all start to add up after a while. If I could just cover those expenses, this experiment would be worth it.
This is a no no/low pressure request.
If you like what you see, and you can afford it, please drop a few bucks in. If not, no problem. The only thing I ask is that you leave a comment or pass on a link to someone else.
To my family and friends, you can still look me in the eye. This isn't a guilt trip. But if holidays/birthdays/graduation rolls around and you are stumped for a gift idea, a donation would fill that need.
I'm also open to barter. If you have a project you need help with and it fits my skill set (video production, photography/photo manipulation, NLE, animation, writing...) drop me a line at with barter in the subject line.


ndesanjo said...

Jason, i think you can install a tip jar on your video, right? I think this is blip tv, if i am not mistaken. They have that feature. So if a person didnt read this post but watch your videos the tip jar will speak for this post.

crawdaddy said...

I'm just poking around in the innards of
I'll have to see if I can set something up on that end too.