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Indonesian Earthquake

I just did a quick emergency post over at the Mount Merapi blog for my friend Chad.
There was a 6.2 earthquake in the area of Yogyakarta and thousands are dead and injured. Chad wasn't in the area at the time, but he is on his way back to report on the disaster.
I guess there are a bunch of people who feel like me this morning. Relieved because our friend/colleague/son/brother is safe, sickened because of the massive loss of life and unimaginable suffering, and freaked out knowing he's going back into this area to report. I was chatting with him while he was preparing to go, and my stomach was in knots. I can't even imagine what he must be feeling. In the end I realize the only thing I can do is help him get all sides of the story out, and hopefully that will make some kind of difference. And I know that if there's one person who can bring back something human and true, it's Chad.


kopisusu2 said...

Jason, you are doing yeoman's work. (I don't really know what that means, but I know it's good.) Traffic has been picking up on all three blogs and it's great to know people are out there. It's also great to know you're there.

Blogging is kinda like radio. Sometimes you're hit with the terrible sinking feeling that nobody's listening. It's nice to get some proof to the contrary.

I'm headed down to Yogya to give Chad a hand for a day or two. Talk to you soon! --T.

ndesanjo said...

this is what digital revolution is all about. thanks for pointing us to your friends in indonesia.