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Tofuhut has a great piece about the Sinatra/Biggie mashup and the recent court case that stopped sales of Biggie's '94 album Ready to Die.
This kind of stuff makes me ill. Who benefits from these suits? Let me see... record companies/lawyers?!? The line between protecting the artist and stifling the creative process has been erased a long time ago. This goes way beyond hip hop and music sampling. Can anyone point to one art form that doesn't borrow from something else? Art is cannibalistic.
I'm all for protecting the artist, but we have to figure out a new way to deal with the issues of intellectual property. The techno-genie is out of the bottle. We better focus on our three wishes. And no, we can't wish for unlimited wishes.


TT Boy said...

"you can't touch my riches, even with MC Hammer and those 357 bitches"

I'm sorry, I'll read the article and add something constructive. But I just fucking love that line.

I got to tell you though, I like this mash up even better than original. And definitely better than the licensed shit they put out on the December release. I guess Puffy was putting all his genius into the Brown and Bubbly Diet Pepsi campaign.

OK. Now I'm listening to Nasty Boy mashup. I have always hated this song. Or at least the music and that annoying refrain. I like this version though. OK, now I'll read the article.

crawdaddy said...

That version of Everyday Struggle...
I really like that tinkly piano behind Biggie. Just wish they could have done the track without making Ol' Blue Eyes sound like one of the chipmunks.
Biggie should have dumped the puffmonster and hooked up with Frank. The chairman wouldn't have let Biggie hangin'. The only beef Frank would have put up with was a steak from Spark's.

TT Boy said...

downloaded the entire album. mixed review. Some very very good. Some, I'm not sure want they are trying to do. But when I went to DJ Cappel's site, I figure he knows what he is doing. I really like the music on it. Too bad nothing in the store.

But as far as the whole copyright infringement goes, I know it doesn't matter, but I really don't hear the similarities (Ready to Die/Ohio Players). But regardless, I disagree that it goes too far beyond hip hop. I don't see anyone going after White Stripes. I like the Stripes, but could they sound any more like the good Stones? Art does devour art and then poops out some new hybrid. So why is no good when Frankie Baby gets his? Is it as simple as black and white?