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this makes me tingly

A homebrew, psp ready, CC licensed, ready for mashup, cyberpunk graphic novel...
What's not to love?


Chad said...

I like the media more than the message, but it certainly inspires. Good high contrast artwork for the web bound eye. Story's a little like every cyberpunk module of the 80s, with nomenclature updates. Is there a library of this kind of work somewhere? It'd be nice to stumble on a graphic novel rack. Also - seeing such great potential for sound in the digital graphic novel. Even a file of city noise would be a pretty great special effect.

crawdaddy said...

Yeah, I guess I'm more blown away by the process more than the content.
I really dig the fact that they let you have the source to mishmash.
That's what I'd like to be able to do with my stuff.
And like you say, with a bit of tweaking, this could become so much more. Add sound and a touch of after effects animation...?
Who knows?

TT Boy said...

You and your after effects. Come on J. This thing called animation has no future.